Oral Histories of the Supreme Court of Florida

Florida Supreme Court Historical Society is in the process of adding a unique treasure to its website: oral histories of former Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida and key lawmakers that shaped Florida's Judiciary starting  in 1985 with Senator Claude D. Pepper, Justices Richard W. Ervin and B.K. Roberts.

The Society’s oral-histories project had been started long ago and most of the original video recording where made and stored on analog technology. The Historical Society’s Oral History committee is busy working to update the recordings to modern digital standard while at the same create new recording of the retired Justices.

The latest Oral History recording was done of Justice Peggy Quince on March 23, 2018 and was conducted by Judge Mary Robinson. the video is available to view below.   Additional video recordings are available on Historical Society’s YouTube Channel page.

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