Board of Trustees

During our June Florida Supreme Court Historical Society's Annual Business Meeting in Orlando, the Board of Trustees elected officers and trustees to lead and serve the organization for the coming year. 

The five following individuals are newly elected Trustees of the Society to serve a three-year term starting July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2025.

  • Merrick "Rick" Gross, Carlton Fields, Miami
  • Celene Humphries, Brannock Humphries & Berman, Tampa
  • Elliot Kula, Kula & Associates, P.A. Miami
  • Jon Mills, University of Florida, College of Law, Gainesville
  • Craig Waters, retired/Florida Supreme Court, Tallahassee

The Board members also elected the three following individuals to serve as Honorary Trustees.

  • Raoul Cantero, Case & White, Miami
  • Tamara Lawson, St. Thomas University College of Law, Miami
  • Linda Wells, retired/Carton Fields, Orlando

Officers and Executive Committee were elected to serve one-year term July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2022.

  • Scott R. Rost, Orlando, President
  • Timothy Chinaris, Nashville, First Vice President
  • Fred Karlinsky, Ft. Lauderdale, Second Vice President
  • Melanie Kalmanson, Jacksonville/Tampa, Secretary
  • Kara Rockenbach-Link, West Palm Beach, Treasurer
  • Jonathan F. Claussen, Boca Raton, Immediate Past President

Executive Committee Members-at-Large.

  • Mary Adkins, Gainesville
  • Kimberly Berman, Ft. Lauderdale
  • Howard C. Coker, Jacksonville
  • Leonard Gilbert, Tampa
  • Alan G. Greer, Miami
  • Edward G. Guedes, Coral Gables
  • Edith G. Osman, Miami
  • Daryl D. Parks, Tallahassee

The following Trustees were re-elected to serve additional a three-year term starting July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025

  • Mary Adkins, Gainesville
  • Tom Edwards, Jacksonville
  • Judge Gary Flower, Jacksonville
  • Jerry Gewirtz, Tampa
  • Gary Printy, Sr, Tallahassee
  • Bill Schifino Jr., Tampa
  • Neal Sonnett, Miami
  • Renee Thompson, Ocala
  • R. Craig Waters, Tallahassee
  • Steven Zack, Miami

Additional Trustees members who will continue to serve on the Board.

  • Mary Barzee Flores, Tallahassee
  • Kenneth Bell, Pensacola
  • Carol Berkowitz, Tallahassee
  • Stacy Blank, Tampa
  • Robert Butterworth, Hollywood
  • Christine Davis, Tallahassee
  • Amy Farrior, Tampa
  • Shaun Ertischek, Naples
  • Caryn Green, Orlando
  • Gordon Glover, Ocala
  • Thomas Hall, Babcock Ranch
  • Major Harding, Tallahassee
  • John Harkness, Tallahassee
  • Scott Hawkins, West Palm Beach
  • Gregory Hearing, Tampa
  • Michael Higer, Miami
  • Dylan Howard, Tallahassee
  • Irene Kogan, Coconut Grove
  • Joseph Lang, Tampa
  • Walter Manley II, Tallahassee
  • Stuart Markman, Tampa
  • Steven Maxwell, Sanibel
  • John Mills, Tallahassee
  • Erin O'Connor, Tallahassee
  • Michael Orr, Jacksonville
  • Patsy Palmer, Tallahassee
  • James Perry, Longwood
  • Mary Robinson, Fort Lauderdale
  • Stanley Rosenblatt, Miami Beach
  • Hala Sandridge, Tampa
  • Christopher Vallandingham, Gainesville
  • Joseph Williams, Macclenny,
  • Barbara Wingo, Jacksonville

The Florida Supreme Court Historical Society is dedicated to maintaining records of people and events shaping the evolution of Florida's court system and to educating Floridians about the vital role of the Judicial Branch in our system of government.

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