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The Florida Supreme Court Historical Society works to save and maintain for future generations the records of the people and events that have shaped the evolution of Florida’s court system from the early 1800s, through the 21st Century, and beyond. The Society is committed to making sure people understand the importance of a strong, independent judiciary in our governmental balance of power.

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Historical Review

       Fall /Winter 2022 Issue 

  • Under the Dome: Chief’s Message
  • Celebrating the Career of Craig Waters
  • Waters Receives the First Amendment Foundation’s Highest Honor
  • Justice C. Alan Lawson Retires
  • Justice Francis Joins the Court as the 92nd Justice
  • A Historic Acquisition: FSCHS Facilitates Donation by Monsignor Robert C. Gibbons
  • Celebrating 20 Years Since Raoul G. Cantero Was Appointed as the First Cuban American Justice
  • The Surprising Origins of Judicial Review Living in the Court’s Library
  • William Falck Donates Supreme Court Artifacts
  • Ask The Archivist: Why Are There So Many British Common Books Law in the Library's Collection?

Historical Review

 Summer 2022 Issue 

  • Celebrating OSCA
  • OSCA: Out of the Basement and Intro the Center of Every Florida Court 
  • Past Chief Justices Reflect on OSCA's Influence During Their Tenures
  • OSCA From the Inside: Unit Descriptions
  • Florida's State Courts Administrators: 1972-2022
  • The Impact of Revision 7 on Funding State Courts 
  • Justice Muniz to Serve as the Next Chief Justice
  • The Investiture of the Honorable John D. Couriel 
  • The Investiture of the Honorable Jamie R. Grosshans 
  • Sat Cito Si Recte: A Supreme Evening 2022
  • Past Chief Justices Reflect on OSCA's Influence During Their Tenures 
  • Historical Society's Lifetime Achievement Award Renamed to Honor Longtime Trustee 
  • Justice Major B. Harding Honored for a Lifetime of Achievement 


Historical Review

Fall/Winter 2021 Issue 

  • The Way We Were: The Supreme Court Photographs of Mark Foley
  • FSCHS Facilitates Donation in Memory of Judge Van Nortwick's Charitable Legacy
  • Donation of a 1960s Watercolor Depiction of the Supreme Court Building
  • Ask an Archivist
  • Remembering Justice Stephen H Grimes
  • Mystery Solved: Justice George W Macrae
  • Farewell to a Beloved Friend of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society: Susan Rosenblatt
  • FSU Law Students Benefit from Courses Taught by Justices
  • What a Life! A Former Clerk Remembers Justice Joseph W Hatchett

Extended Versions of Articles 

Historical Review

Spring/Summer 2021 Issue 

                               - Adapting Amid Crisis and Change

  • Chief Justice Charles T. Canady, The Pandemic and Beyond
  • Justices Luck and Lagoa Appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit
  • An Interview with Justice John D. Couriel
  • Newest Justice: Jamie R. Grosshans
  • All Eyes Turn to Judge Barbara Lagoa
  • Long-Time Florida Supreme Court Librarian, Billie J. Blaine, Retires
  • A Supreme Evening: 2021 in the Virtual World
  • Justice Joseph W. Hatchett Honored with Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Chief Justice Gerald Kogan: A Legal Legend, Who Opened Florida’s Courts to the People
  • Justice James E. Alderman: 1936-2021
  • Remembering Historical Society Trustee Joseph R. Boyd
  • Stare Decisis in Florida During the Civil War
  • The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission: Its Purpose, Powers,Processes, and Public Responsibility

  Extended Versions of Articles 

Historical Review

Spring/Summer Issue 2020


Chief Justice Charles Canady Message: Keep the Courts Open

70 Years of The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar Complex

The Florida Bar Exam

The 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

The Florida Bar’s Cuban-American Lawyers Program

History of the Florida Bar Board of Examiners

Court Hosts Online Oral Arguments During Pandemic

A Supreme Evening 2020

Court Hosts FSU Law Moot Court

                                                          Extended Versions of Articles 

Historical Review

   Fall 2020 Issue - Florida Elections 2000


  • The 2000 Election: a Chaotic Part of Florida’s past
  • Bush v. Gore in a Historical Perspective
  • Litigating History
  • Gore Team’s Recollections
  • 2020 Vision: Important Lessons from the 2000 Presidential Election
  • How Bush v. Gore Affected the Court
  • Bush v. Gore: Too Close to Call Election
  • Other Business Must Go On
  • Remembering Leander J. Shaw, Jr.


  Extended Versions of Articles 


2019 Fall/Winter Issue


Chief Justice Canady Provides Insight on Florida’s Judicial Management Council

The Historic Joint Investiture of Justices Luck and Muñiz

Justice Lawson’s Service in Honduras

Supreme Court Receives Photo Collection from Renowned Photographer Donn Dughi

Law Students in Florida Supreme Court Internship Program Obtain Real Life Experience

FSU Law’s Summer for Undergraduates Visits the Court

The Society’s New Judicial Membership Option for Judges


2019 Summer/Fall Issue


Justice Lewis’s Retirement Celebration in Miami

Justice Quince's Retirement Celebration in Tampa

Justice Pariente's Retirement Celebration in West Palm Beach

Marshal's Office Receives Prestigious Accreditation

A Supreme Evening 2019

Governor DeSantis Appoints Justice Barbara Lagoa 

The Leadership of Justice Luck

The Addition of Justice Muñiz

Remembering Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte

In Memoriam: Ruth McDonald


2018 Summer/Fall Issue


Justice Lewis’s Roots and Legacy

Chief Justice Labarga on His Role in Bush v. Gore

Judge Robert Hilliard of Santa Rosa County Shares

A Colorful Narrative of a 1948 County Court Judges Conference in Key West and Havana

Letter from Hank Coxe on His Service on the Constitution Revision Commission

Judge Barkett’s Life Following the Supreme Court

Recent Acquisitions by FSCHS from the Families of the Late Justice Ellis,

Nancy Dobson, and Henry P. Trawick, Jr.

Review of Book on the Life and Career of Former Justice Kogan

Once A Year 


2017 Spring/Summer Issue


From the President

   By Kelly O'Keefe

Under the Dome

   By Chief Justice Jorge Labarga

Justice Barbara P. Pariente: A Woman of Valor

The History of the Florida Spreme Court, Volume 0

   By Professor M.C. Mirow

William P. Duval: Lawyer, Judge and Governor

   By Professor James M Denham

The Bench, The Bar, and LGBT Attorneys:

Retrospective on In Re Florida Board of Bar Examiners

   By Judge Robert W. Lee

A Tribute in Honor of Justice James E.C. Perry

The Florida Supreme Court Welcomes Justice C. Alan Lawson

The Florida Supreme Court Historical Society's Archiving Project

   By Erik Robinson, Kristen Diot and Melanie Kalmanson

A Tribute to Janet Reno

   By Sandy D'Alemberte

Justice Parker McDonald on the  "Journey Toward Justice"


2016 Spring/Summer Issue


From the President

   By Kelly O’Keefe


Under the Dome

   By Chief Justice Jorge Labarga


The Evolution of Women’s Rights in Florida:

From Injustice to Supreme Court Justice

   By Sylvia H. Walbolt and Christine Davis Graves


In Memory of Former Chief Justice Leander J. Shaw

   September 6, 1930 - December 14, 2015


Farewell to a Good Friend of the Historical Society

   by Stanley Rosenblatt


Judge Pleasant W. White:

Acting Associate Justice of the Florida Supreme Court

   By Judge Robert W. Lee, Broward County Court Judge


Dissent and the Supreme Court

A Review of Melvin Urofsky’s Dissent and the Supreme Court

   By Susan Rosenblatt


From Debtors’ Prisons to the CFPB:

A Historical Perspective of the Debt Collection Industry

   By Shaun Ertischek


An update on Volume III of the

History of the Florida Supreme Court

   By Neil Skeene

2015 Spring/Summer Issue


From the President

   By Sylvia Walbolt

Update on the FSCHS Merit Selection and Retention Project

   By Susan and Stanley Rosenblatt


Under the Dome

   By Chief Justice Jorge Labarga


Railroads, Recusals, Rehearings, and Some Lessons in the Separation of Powers

   Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund v. Bailey (1862-63)

   By Justice Charles T. Canady

3 Unlikely Allies Moved Reform of Courts THrough '71 Legislature

   By Neil Skeene

Oldish Cases of 1915: A Review of Century-Old Florida Supreme Court Cases and a Discussion of Their Continued Relevance

   By Joseph H. Lang, Jr. 

Six Amendments - How and Why We Should Change the Constitution

   A Review of John Paul Stevens' "Six Amendments-How and Why We Should    Change the Constitution

   By Joseph H. Lang, Jr. 

My Path to the Court: Justice Perry shares his Inspiring Life Story

   By Justice James E. C. Perry 

A Conversation with Talbot "Sandy" D'Alemberte

   By Sylvia Walbolt

2018 Historical Review

2017 Historical Review

2016 Historical Review

2015 Historical Review

2014 Spring/Summer Issue


From the President

   By Miles A. McGrane, III

Chief Justice Polston’s Family Commitment to Children

   By Dan Hoffman

   Florida’s Forgotten Execution

The Strange Case of Celia and the Unfortunate Fate of her Family

   By H. Franklin Robbins, Jr. and Steven G. Mason

       Extended Edition of Celia Article for download 


Justice Ben F. Overton: Confronting His Own Prior Decisions

   A Detailed Account of Justice Ben F. Overton’s Time on the Florida        Supreme Confronting His Own Prior Decisions.

   By Joseph H. Lang, Jr.

Devil in the Grove

   A Review of Gilbert King’s Devil in the Grove.

   By Bruce Rogow

Free Press in 1940s Florida: Pennekamp v. Florida

   A Look at the Miami Herald’s Struggle for Freedom of Speech in the 1940s.

   By Judge Scott D. Makar

2014 Historical Review

2013 Spring/Summer Issue


From the President
  By Hank Coxe

Under the Dome
   By Former Chief Justice Charles T. Canady

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night
    The Florida Supreme Court deals with the aftermath of the wreck of the        steamboat


   By Sylvia H. Walbolt and Daniel R. Walbolt, Sr.

When Politics Undermine Judicial Independence
    A review of Scorpions (it.): The battles and triumphs of FDR's great U.S.         Supreme Court justices. By Susan Rosenblatt, Esq.

Florida Supreme Court Historical Society Annual Dinner - 2012
   Guest speaker, Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States,         Neal Katyal, gave a detailed account of his defense of Salim Ahmed          Hamdan, accused terrorist with alleged ties to Osama bin Laden, at the 2010 annual dinner.

Update on the Third Installment of The History of the Florida Supreme Court
   Neil Skene provides a glimpse of his upcoming novel regarding the   

   Florida Supreme Court's history from 1972 to the present.

2013 Historical Review

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