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 Chief Justice Charles T. Wells

 2000 -2002

During my years as Chief Justice from 2000 to 2002, I worked quite closely with Ken Palmer, Lisa Goodner Kiel, and Dee Baranek. This period was very impactful for Florida Courts and OSCA.

Impactful for the Courts because the method for funding Circuit and County courts underwent substantial changes. These changes required much more input from the Circuits to the State. And from the State to the local courts. This change required detailed coordination and explanation. Ken Palmer and I traveled to each Circuit to meet with the local judges and their leadership about these extensive changes.

The transition would not have been successful without this work of OSCA led by Ken, who had an exceptional understanding of how the new funding method could and would work. Unfortunately, as that transition was close to completion, Ken Palmer was stricken with melanoma which became fatal toward the end of the period.

Though we all grieved very much for the loss of Ken, the Court system’s vital work continued; fortunately, we were extraordinarily well served by Lisa Goodner Kiel and Dee Baranek. They provided exceptional service as co-leaders of OSCA so that the essential work of OSCA continued without material interruption. There can be no overstating the importance of OSCA’s role in the administration of justice in our State.

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