Will be presented at the 2016 Annual Dinner on January 28. 2016 to 

Talbot  'Sandy'  D'Alemberte

A former President of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society (1990-1991) and the former President of the American Bar Association (1991-92), Talbot ("Sandy") D'Alemberte served as Dean of Florida State University College of Law from 1984 to 1989 and was appointed president of Florida State University in 1993, serving in that capacity through January 2003.

From 1966-1972 was a member of the Florida House of Representatives where during his term in office he served as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee as an advocate judicial reform and was intricately involved in the in crafting the merit retention constitutional amendment that was passed by Florida voters in 1976. The reform and constitutional amendment was spurred by a high court scandal that resulted in the impeachment of two justices.

A member of the American Law Institute, he also has served as President of the American Judicature Society (1982-84), practiced law for several years with Steel Hector & Davis in Miami,

D'Alemberte has won numerous national awards for his contributions to the profession, including the 2001 Wickersham Award given by the Friends of the Law Library of Congress, the 2001 Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, the 1998 ABA Section of Legal Education Robert J. Kutak Award, the 1998 ABA World Order Under Law Award, the 1996 American Judicature Society's Justice Award, the 1996 National Council of Jewish Women's Hannah G. Soloman Award, the 1986 National Sigma Delta Chi First Amendment Award, and an American Academy of Television Arts and Sciences "Emmy" in 1985 for his work in open government. 

He holds honorary degrees from Cleveland State University, Hofstra University, Nova Southeastern University, Stetson University, University of the South (Sewanee), University of Bridgeport, University of Denver, University of the West Indies, and Open University of Great Britain. He is also the author of The Florida Constitution (Greenwood Press 1991).

The 2016 Florida Supreme Court Historical Society's Lifetime Achievement Award to be presented to   Talbot “Sandy”  D’Alemberte.

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