Lawyers can’t solve this problem alone

Friday, December 12, 2014 12:50 PM | Mark Miller (Administrator)

Lawyers can’t solve this problem alone

Business leaders make Florida’s civil justice access commission unique

By Jan Pudlow
Senior Editor

“What’s the use of having a great civil justice system, if a large segment of our population does not have access to it?”

Chief Justice Jorge Labarga posed that question on November 24, just before signing an administrative order creating the Florida Commission on Access to Civil Justice

Chief Justice LabargaHe stood with Florida Bar President Greg Coleman and Florida Bar Foundation President Emerson R. Thompson in the rotunda of the Florida Supreme Court, as they publicly announced their commitment to find a better way to deliver civil legal services to not only Florida’s low-income citizens, but to middle-class folks who earn too much to qualify for legal aid, but not enough to hire lawyers. 

The first meeting of the 27-member commission is January 16 in Tallahassee.

“The situation has reached a crisis point,” Labarga said, providing these facts:

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