2017 Message from the President
Edward G. GUEDES

As I undertake the enormous privilege of serving as President of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society, I have paused to consider what message I might appropriately communicate not only to our dedicated members, but to the Bench and Bar throughout the state as well. The first thing that came to mind is that I should acknowledge the tremendous debt of gratitude owed to my immediate predecessors, Kelly O’Keefe and Sylvia Walbolt, under whose leadership and tireless efforts the Society has developed and begun to implement an historic five-year plan. In addition to continuing the fundamental mission of the Society to preserve and protect the history of the Florida Supreme Court and bring increased public awareness to the indispensable role of the judiciary in Florida, the plan seeks to make the Society increasingly more relevant to a broader range of practitioners around the state. We plan to do so by engaging in geographic outreach, developing new opportunities for involvement in the Society’s mission (including an active social media presence), and increasing diversity both in our leadership and our membership.

As part of our educational mission, it was with great pride and a tremendous sense of satisfaction that we just published the third volume in the Florida Supreme Court’s history, entitled “The Florida Supreme Court – A Journey Toward Justice, 1972-1987.” Authored by Neil Skene and available through the Society’s website (flcourthistory.org/books), this volume renders accessible and thoroughly entertaining an otherwise thoughtful and scholarly examination of the Court’s most tumultuous period, as the Court transitioned from years of scandal and controversy into a renaissance of respect and integrity. Having been involved in this project since its inception several years ago, I can assure you all that it is well worth the read.

The second thought that came to mind as I prepared this message was that I should be true to the unspoken theme of my “administration” – brevity is the soul of wit. So rather than wax poetic, I’ll close by saying that I look forward to what the coming year has to offer and encourage you all to join us in our mission, if you are not already a member, or to become even more involved as we continue to serve this wonderful institution that we know as the Florida Supreme Court.


Edward G. Guedes


Florida Supreme Court Historical Society

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