The Celebration of Justice Perry's Career and Retirement on Thursday April 13th was a Well Attended Success.

Justice Perry’s Retirement Dinner held on April 13 in Orlando, was a resounding success. Justice Perry and his family were very pleased with, and thanked the Society for hosting the event.  Twenty-two other voluntary Bar Associations joined the Society in showing their support for Justice Perry. The long list of Bar Associations on the attached program demonstrates the broad scope of Justice Perry’s positive impact and exemplifies the tremendous diversity that exists in the Central Florida legal community.

Thanks to our Trustees who served on the dinner subcommittee, Rene Thompson, Scott Rost, Susan Rosenblatt and Mary Adkins, and thanks to those who sponsored the event. The sponsoring firms and individuals are listed...

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The 2017 Issues of the FSCHS Magazine is Now Available Online

Current and past issues of our outstanding publications are now available online thanks to the Historical Society's continued dedication to educating the public about the Florida Supreme Court's role and and preserving its history.

Jeffrey Rosen of the National Constitution Center Provided the Keynote at 'A Supreme Evening' the Society's 2017 Annual Dinner

View the Supreme Evening event by visiting the:

2017 Supreme Evening Photo Gallery   

2017 Message from the President, Kelly O'Keefe

Dear Members and Friends of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society,


I'm honored to be back leading the Society for a second year, at a time when our mission is more important than ever. Our mission is twofold. First, the Society preserves the Florida Supreme Court's history through oral histories, collections of historical papers and artifacts, the Justices' portraits and its various publications. Why does the Society preserve these historical treasures?    So that they can use them to educate the public about our courts' mission to protect personal rights and freedoms, uphold and interpret the law and resolve disputes that arise between citizens of the state.

An educated public, the second facet of the Society's mission, is the best tool for increasing understanding and confidence in our courts. If the public lacks confidence in the courts, the courts cannot fulfill their responsibilities which are essential to our democracy.

 Recognizing this, both the Society and the Florida Supreme Court have made improving the public's understanding of our courts a priority in their respective long range strategic plans, and the Society is working closely

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The Florida Supreme Court Historical Society's Nominating committee has opened nominations to all Florida Supreme Court Historical Society Members that would like to express their interest in serving as a Trustee on the Society's Board for a three-year term starting July 1, 2017,

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Archiving Justices' Papers Not a Moot Point 

The dust has settled in the Florida Supreme Court library for only a brief period of time, as student volunteers from Florida State University College of Law break from an archiving project to earn funds to participate in Moot Court competition. At the close of the final round of Moot Court, volunteers will resume archiving collections of justices’ papers that have been stored in their original acidic folders, overfilled, and in need of rearranging and long-term preservation.

To ensure these historic records would remain for generations to come, the Court began the process of upgrading the overstuffed, acidic accordion folders  ...

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Justices' Portraits Debuted

The Supreme Court portrait gallery is housed in the Courtroom, adjoining hallway and the Lawyers' Lounge. At the Annual Dinner, the FSCHS commissioned portraits of Chief Justice Jorge Labarga, Justice Charles T. Canady, Justice Ricky Polston, and Justice James E.C. Perry were revealed. 

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